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Visual  Artists

Trinidad Bay Art & Music Festival wouldn't be the same without the ART part!  We strive each year to include local practitioners of the visual arts, and we allow them to sell their works directly to the public as part of the TBAM festivities.  We choose our artists yearly based on availability, interest, and artistic tone, then the artists are given a place to showcase their work.

Philip Gerstner, cabinet + furniture maker

Philip Gerstner.jpg

Philip moved to Westhaven in 1972 where he immediately began building his own shop, following 3 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he participated in a collective wood shop, the Splinter Group, and apprenticed with a master woodworker, Miles Karpilow.

Joyce Jonté, painter

Joyce Jonte.jpg

Joyce Jonte, painter, was born in Berkeley, California in 1957, and moved to Arcata from the Bay Area in 1974 to study art at HSU, graduating in 1979 with emphases in representational drawing, landscape painting, and life drawing, working primarily in watercolor. She has continued taking watercolor classes over the years, developing as an artist and creating a large body of work. Her paintings have always been inspired by the exquisite world we live in. The subject matter varies, but her response to form, contour, light and shadow remains constant.


In the summer months she paints wildflowers on mountain hikes; in winter she works from her photographs of plants, landscapes and daily life. She is a dedicated member of a life drawing group which meets for four hours each week. She has studied the human figure since she was sixteen, intent in her pursuit to express the vitality and mood of every gesture.


She is available for commission and has an open studio by appointment.

Sasha Lyth, painter

Sasha Lyth.jpg

Sasha Lyth, painter – “Like many artists, I consider myself a visual storyteller. On one hand, I love capturing moments, expressions, and subtle gestures through figurative realism, while on the other hand I am inspired by the feelings and interpretations that can be created through color, texture, and abstraction. My work is thus both illustration as well as a window into the subconscious, and as I evolve as an artist, these two ideas seem to be converging more and more.

My passion stems from a constant desire to improve my technique while making sure to balance this with a healthy sense of experimentation and discovery. This inevitably results in a studio art practice that is both challenging and inspiring.

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree with concentrations in Studio Art and Art Education, a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art, and an MA in Education from Humboldt State University. I currently teach art and ceramics at Saint Bernard's Academy and serve on the Board of Directors for the Humboldt Arts Council. My work has been exhibited throughout Humboldt County and is in many private collections.“

Jody Bryan, painter

Jody Bryan.jpg

Painter Jody Bryan attended Otis Art Institute, Chouinard Art Institute, UCLA and CSULB, always studying drawing and painting. She taught in the Long Beach Unified School District and established a graphic design and screen print business in the 1970's. That business is still very much on going, but leaves ample time for painting.


Growing up in Southern California, Jody came to Catalina Island on the family boat, 'Vaquerito'.  After completing college and getting a secondary credential in 1965 she moved with her own family to the island and put her art skills to work.  Scenes of the island coves filled with boats, historical sites  in the interior and lovely places around the town of Avalon became the focus in watercolor and line and wash drawings.  Ceramics were another interest, but watercolors were her passion.  She worked part time at Avalon Schools, teaching art.  In the 1970's, screenprinting became an interest and a good way to use design and drawing skills.   From then and still ongoing, Bryan Graphics, a family business, creates embroidered and screenprinted garments for businesses and programs based on Catalina Island.  Clients include the CIMI science education programs, the Wrigley Institute of Environmental Science, Catalina Island Camps, Astrocamp and Catalina Sea Camp.


"I have loved painting with watercolor since that first introduction at Otis with Noel Quinn. To render objects realistically is a skill that many seek to master, but for me that is not what making art is all about. I want to translate each subject into a unique vision that allows viewers to see in new ways, too. I want to interpret the world, not mirror it".

Roger Rowland, painter

Roger Rowland.jpg

Roger Rowland is a resident of McKinleyville, and is a self taught painter of landscapes and human subjects in watercolors and acrylics.

Madelyn Shanahan, painter

Madelyn Shanahan.JPG

Madelyn Shanahan is an AP art student at St. Bernard’s Academy.  Through work with Joyce Jonte she’s formed a love for working from the figure, striving to capture color, emotion, and movement.

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