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Trinidad boasts excellent restaurants and bars with coastal views and 5-star ratings, vintners with wine tasting rooms, a plethora of vacation stays and motels, breakfast patios and lunch nooks, art galleries and gift shops, a market featuring local produce and Humboldt Made products, the City Museum and Library, an airport five minutes away, and of course the endless trails, Redwood National Park, the Pacific Ocean, and Trinidad Bay!

Trinidad Town Hall

409 Trinity St, Trinidad CA 95570

Before 1700 AD, Yurok people established the village of Tsurai on bluffs overlooking Trinidad Bay.  Modern Trinidad is one of the smallest California cities, a seaside village on the Pacific Ocean.  Surrounded by spectacular coastline, public beaches and a California Coastal National Monument Gateway City, with several fine restaurants, a museum, library, galleries, and special places to spend the night, Trinidad is the perfect intimate setting for a music festival.

The historic Town Hall and fine Steinway Grand Piano provide the perfect setting for TBAM Festival.

TBAM Holy Trinity.jpg

Holy Trinity Church

Trinidad CA 95570

The Holy Trinity Church at Parker and Hector St. in Trinidad, California was built in 1873, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  The wood-frame building has a gable roof and a small steeple. The steeple replaced a slightly larger one sometime between 1907 and 1954. Sixty people can sit in the long wooden pews with another 18 sitting in the choir loft.

This intimately framed, all-wood venue is the perfect location for live afternoon music, and from the doorstep one can experience the pacific sights and sounds of Trinidad Bay.

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