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2023  S p o n s o r s
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The marimba and vibraphone for Cellimba's performance on August 6th are generously provided by Ron Samuels and Marimba One


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2022  S p o n s o r s

Flagship Sponsors

These sponsors have greatly contributed

to the permanent longevity of the TBAM festival

we thank you!
Trinidad Civic Club

Trinidad Museum

Julie Fulkerson and Lynn Evans
Peggy and George Schmidbauer

Stephen Duscha and Wanda Lee Graves

Beacon Sponsors

$1000 or more

Margaret Augustine*

Joan Berman*

Margaret and Steve Cole*
Stephen Duscha and Wanda Lee Graves
Julie Fulkerson and Lynn Evans*
Kibbe Family*
Anne Pierson*

Ron Samuels and Kelly Livingston of Marimba One*

Rebecca and Howard Stauffer*

Cascadia Sponsors

$500 or more

Susan and Don Bicknell*

Peter and Diane Cohan

Forbes and Associates, Sarah Corliss
Dick and Kathy LaForge*
Lori Dengler and Thomas Lisle*
Doris and Diane Eikenbery
Christopher and Kathleen Lee

Carol Scher*

Linda Williams

Tidal Sponsors

$250 or more
Nancy Diamond and David Hankin

Elizabeth Morrison

Catherine Sennott and Dale Preston*
Patti and Keith Stearns, Coldwell Banker Sellers Realty

Cynthia Quinsey
Bruce and Katherine Wayne*

Pacific Sponsors

Maria Bartlett

David Callow

Karole Ely

Alex Stillman

Kenneth Tambe

Barbie Turnbaugh, Evergreen Homeloans

Special Thanks

Trinidad Town Hall

Trinidad Civid Club

Holy Trinity Church

Marimba One

Jean Bazemore

Julie Fulkerson

Don Morris

Michael Kibbe

Kathleen Lee

Bill Ryder, piano tuner

*Indicates founding sponsor

Our Sponsors make this possible.

To become a TBAM Sponsor,

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